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Wholesale High Quality MK D3128/OE 3068 3554 Brake Pads For Ford/Mazda/

China GuangZhou DongJie C&Z Auto Parts Co., Ltd. certification
China GuangZhou DongJie C&Z Auto Parts Co., Ltd. certification
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Wholesale High Quality MK D3128/OE 3068 3554 Brake Pads For Ford/Mazda/

Wholesale High Quality MK D3128/OE 3068 3554 Brake Pads For Ford/Mazda/
Wholesale High Quality MK D3128/OE 3068 3554 Brake Pads For Ford/Mazda/ Wholesale High Quality MK D3128/OE 3068 3554 Brake Pads For Ford/Mazda/ Wholesale High Quality MK D3128/OE 3068 3554 Brake Pads For Ford/Mazda/ Wholesale High Quality MK D3128/OE 3068 3554 Brake Pads For Ford/Mazda/ Wholesale High Quality MK D3128/OE 3068 3554 Brake Pads For Ford/Mazda/

Large Image :  Wholesale High Quality MK D3128/OE 3068 3554 Brake Pads For Ford/Mazda/

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: C&Z
Certification: ISO9001/TS16949/E-MARK/R90
Model Number: D3128
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 100sets
Price: According to specific order
Packaging Details: Box+export Carton+pallet
Delivery Time: 5-45 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 300000sets

Wholesale High Quality MK D3128/OE 3068 3554 Brake Pads For Ford/Mazda/

MK NO.:: D3128 OE NO.:: 3068 3554
MOQ: 100sets Warranty: 30000-60000kms
Car Modle: Ford/Mazda/ ... ... Package: Color Box+export Carton+pallet
Position: Front Materials: Semi-metal, Ceramics

Wholesale High Quality MK D3128/OE 3068 3554 Brake Pads For Ford/Mazda/

Quick details:


MK D3128
OE 3068 3554
Position Front
Braking System ATM
Width 155.1mm
Width 1 156.3mm
Height 62.4mm
Height 1 67mm
Thickness 18.3mm

The Type of Brake pads and related  advantages and disadvantages:

Organic Brake Pads:


Organic brake pads, sometimes called nonasbestos organic brake pads, are made from natural materials liked glass and rubber, as well as resins that can withstand high heat. In fact, the high heat helps to bind the brake pad materials together. Kevlar is also an important component in many organic brake pads. An advantage of organic brake pads, including Kevlar brake pads, is that they're made of materials that don't pollute as they wear and they're easier to dispose of, too. They're also softer than brake pads made of other materials, which means they're often quieter. The downside of organic brake pads is that, because they're softer, they typically wear faster. As they wear, they also create more dust than other types of brake pads.

Because of these considerations, organic brake pads aren't a good choice for heavy vehicles like trucks or for high performance cars that may need to stop quickly from top speed. Organic and Kevlar brake pads are best suited for small cars that don't typically do a lot of aggressive driving. The light weight of the car, as well as limited hard stops, keeps organic brake pads in good shape -- and that keeps the ride safe, too.

Ceramic Brake Pads:


Ceramic brake pads offer great braking performance, wear well over time and are very lightweight -- all of which are important for high-performance driving. So again, what's the problem with ceramic brake pads? They're very expensive.

Ceramic brake pads are made from ceramic fibers, filler material, bonding agents and they may even have small amounts of copper fibers within them as well. Because they're mostly ceramic, these brake parts dissipate heat well, which keeps performance strong, even after repeated hard stops. They also don't break down very much with repeated use; that means they produce less dust than other types of brake pads -- and the dust that they do produce is lighter in color and doesn't stick to the wheels. However, because they're so expensive, ceramic brake pads aren't for every type of vehicle.

Sports cars that are routinely driven hard -- as part of club racing, for example -- can benefit from ceramic brake pads; however, almost every other vehicle performs just fine with other brake pad materials. For most drivers, the extra performance of ceramic brake pads isn't worth the extra cost.

Metallic Brake Pads:


Most vehicles on the road today have metallic brake pads. In case you're wondering, these brake pads aren't just slabs of metal. They're typically made of iron, copper, steel and graphite all mixed and together and bonded to form the pad material.

The reason that these pads are so common is simple -- metallic brake pads are cost-effective and durable. They provide good performance and are good at transferring the heat generated by friction with the brake rotors. The downside of metallic brake pads is that they're heavy, which can have a (small) negative impact on the car's fuel economy. Also, because of the extra weight, metallic brake pads aren't the best choice for high-performance driving. Being made of metal makes the pads very hard. That's what makes them durable. But because there isn't as much "give" in metallic brake pads, they can cause more wear on the brake rotors than other types of brake pads. The metallic brake pads themselves hold up well, but they often negatively impact the durability of other brake parts. Finally, metallic brake pads work best when they're warm. When a vehicle with metallic brake pads first gets going on a very cold day, stops may take slightly longer than usual until the brake pads heat up.

For most drivers, the positives of metallic brake pads outweigh the negatives, especially since metallic brake pads are good for stopping heavy vehicles like trucks.

What our Brake pads do for you ?


a. Withstand high temperatures up to 800°

Formulated with high temperature materials to improve braking performance and ensure safe driving.
High temperature resistance data from the laboratory


b. Do not hurt the disk

Chamfer design for better fit of brake pads and brake discs, reducing wear and scratches.

c. driving safety new upgrade

ceramic formula effectively reduce dust growth anti·rust and anti·corrosion low dust and less powder.

What we also supply :


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45022-S6D-E01 43022-SZA-A00 45022-SM2-000 43022-SL0-E50 45022-SJC-A00
45502-SH3-G30 45022-SZA-A00 45022-S1A-E02 06450-SFC-000 43022-SJC-A00
45022-SB0-505 45022-TK6-A00 43022-S1A-E02 45022-SD4-A10 43022-S0X-A00
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About US:

Wholesale High Quality MK D3128/OE 3068 3554 Brake Pads For Ford/Mazda/ 0
Wholesale High Quality MK D3128/OE 3068 3554 Brake Pads For Ford/Mazda/ 1
Wholesale High Quality MK D3128/OE 3068 3554 Brake Pads For Ford/Mazda/ 2Wholesale High Quality MK D3128/OE 3068 3554 Brake Pads For Ford/Mazda/ 3Wholesale High Quality MK D3128/OE 3068 3554 Brake Pads For Ford/Mazda/ 4Wholesale High Quality MK D3128/OE 3068 3554 Brake Pads For Ford/Mazda/ 5


Q1: Can I have a sample order?
A1: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.
Q2:What's your MOQ?
A2: MOQ is 20 sets for each item.
Q3: What are your trade terms?
A3: Payment term: TT, 30% deposit before production, 70% balance before shipment.
Q4: What is the lead time?
A4: Samples need 10 working days, mass products need 45 days.
Q5: How do you ship the goods and how long does it take arrive?
A5: We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT for sample. Air and sea ship is acceptable. It usually needs 7-15 days to arrive except sea ship.
Q6: How to precede the order if I have logo to print and own color box?
A6: Firstly, we will prepare artwork for visual confirmation, and next we will produce a real sample for your second confirmation. If mockup is ok, finally we will go to mass production. MOQ is 4000 sets.
For color box: firstly you can send your drawing or we help you to draw and provide color boxes pictures for you to choose; And next we confirm with the box supplier and they will give us final drawing.
Thirdly, we send you final drawing for you to check and then print it out. We will send color boxes to you for final confirmation and then begin mass production.
Q7: How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?
A7:1. We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit ;
      2. We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them, no matter where they come from.



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