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Korean Series Cars Auto Parts Hyundai Kia Wheel Bearing & Hub 51750-FD000 Wheel Hubs

China GuangZhou DongJie C&Z Auto Parts Co., Ltd. certification
China GuangZhou DongJie C&Z Auto Parts Co., Ltd. certification
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Korean Series Cars Auto Parts Hyundai Kia Wheel Bearing & Hub 51750-FD000 Wheel Hubs

Korean Series Cars Auto Parts Hyundai Kia Wheel Bearing & Hub 51750-FD000 Wheel Hubs
Korean Series Cars Auto Parts Hyundai Kia Wheel Bearing & Hub 51750-FD000 Wheel Hubs Korean Series Cars Auto Parts Hyundai Kia Wheel Bearing & Hub 51750-FD000 Wheel Hubs Korean Series Cars Auto Parts Hyundai Kia Wheel Bearing & Hub 51750-FD000 Wheel Hubs Korean Series Cars Auto Parts Hyundai Kia Wheel Bearing & Hub 51750-FD000 Wheel Hubs Korean Series Cars Auto Parts Hyundai Kia Wheel Bearing & Hub 51750-FD000 Wheel Hubs

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: C&Z
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: 51750-FD000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs
Price: According to specific order
Packaging Details: Standard
Delivery Time: 3-15 Days
Payment Terms: TT/WU/MG
Supply Ability: 3000000pieces/month

Korean Series Cars Auto Parts Hyundai Kia Wheel Bearing & Hub 51750-FD000 Wheel Hubs

Model NO.:: 51750-FD000 Car Make: Hyundai KIA
Material: Aluminium Fuel: Gasoline
Color: OEM Available Cold Style: Water-cooled
Cylinder: Multi-cylinder Application: Automotive

Quick details :

Place of Origin Hebei, China
Usage Hyundai Kia cars
Car Make ATOS PRIME;ACCENT;Accent;Rena;Chollima
OE NO. 51720-02000
Brand Name C&Z
Model Number 51750-FD000
Warranty 1 Years
Product Name Automotive Hub Bearing
Material Steel
OE NO 51750-FD000
Usage: Automotive Hub Bearing
MOQ 5pcs
Applicable models ATOS PRIME;ACCENT;Accent;Rena;Chollima
Application Auto Front Rear Wheel Bearing
Packing Original Brand Packing
SAMPLE Availble
Feature Long Life .durable.

Product Description:

A hub bearing is an assembly, made of metal or composite material, that consists of multiple components. It is an essential component for the proper alignment and mounting of a car wheel. Its key features include an outer ring that attaches to the axle or spindle, an inner ring that connects to the rotation of the axle or spindle, rolling elements such as metal balls or rollers that support the vehicle's weight and facilitate smooth rotation, a cage or retainer that hold the rolling elements in place, seals and shields for protection, and pre-greased lubrication. The size and design of the hub bearing differ between vehicle makes and models. Some hub bearings may also include speed sensors for ABS or traction control systems to send wheel speed data to the vehicle.

Regular inspection and maintenance are essential to ensure the functionality and safety of the hub bearing. Any abnormal noise, wheel play, or vibration should be checked and replaced if necessary by an automotive professional.



Integrated Sensor: Some hub bearings feature an integrated sensor for ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) or traction control systems. These sensors provide real-time data on wheel speed, allowing the vehicle's control systems to monitor and regulate braking and traction.

Sealed Design: Hub bearings may have a sealed design that helps protect the internal components from contaminants such as dirt, water, and debris. This sealing feature helps extend the lifespan of the bearing by maintaining the integrity of the lubricating grease and reducing the risk of premature wear.

Pre-Set Greased: Many hub bearings come pre-greased from the manufacturer. This means they are already filled with the appropriate amount of lubricating grease during the manufacturing process. Pre-greased hub bearings save time during installation and ensure proper lubrication for smooth operation.

Durable Materials: Hub bearings are typically constructed using durable materials such as steel or aluminum alloy. These materials provide strength, stability, and resistance to the stresses and forces encountered during vehicle operation.

Integrated Hub Assembly: Hub bearings often come as a complete assembly that includes the hub, bearing, and other necessary components. This integrated design simplifies installation and ensures proper fitment, as all the components are designed to work together seamlessly.

Easy Installation: Hub bearings are designed for easy installation, with pre-drilled mounting holes and compatible bolt patterns that align with the vehicle's hub or spindle. This feature simplifies the replacement process and reduces the need for specialized tools or equipment.

OEM Equivalency: Many aftermarket hub bearings are designed as direct replacements for the original equipment. They are engineered to match the specifications, dimensions, and performance of the original bearings, ensuring proper fitment and compatibility with the vehicle's suspension system.

Corrosion Resistance: Hub bearings may feature coatings or materials that provide resistance to corrosion. These coatings help protect the bearing from rust and corrosion caused by exposure to moisture, road salt, and other environmental factors, enhancing the longevity and performance of the bearing.

Noise Reduction: Some hub bearings incorporate noise-reducing features such as precision engineering, advanced sealing techniques, or specialized internal designs. These features help minimize noise and vibrations, providing a smoother and quieter driving experience.


Technical Parameters:

Outer Diameter: The outer diameter specifies the size of the hub bearing assembly, including the outer ring. It determines the fitment and compatibility with the vehicle's hub or spindle.

Inner Diameter: The inner diameter refers to the size of the bore of the hub bearing assembly, which fits onto the vehicle's axle or spindle. It should match the axle diameter for proper installation.

Width/Thickness: The width or thickness dimension of the hub bearing assembly indicates the overall thickness of the assembly, including the inner and outer rings and any integrated components. It affects the proper fitment of the bearing within the wheel assembly.

Bolt Pattern: The bolt pattern refers to the number and spacing of the mounting bolt holes on the hub bearing assembly. It should match the bolt pattern on the vehicle's hub or spindle to ensure proper installation.

Flange Type: Some hub bearings have flanges that provide mounting points for the brake disc or rotor. The flange type can vary, such as a 4-bolt or 5-bolt flange, depending on the vehicle's design and braking system.

Load Capacity: The load capacity of a hub bearing indicates the maximum load it can safely support. It is specified in terms of dynamic load rating (the load the bearing can handle while rotating) and static load rating (the load the bearing can handle while stationary). The load capacity should match or exceed the requirements of the vehicle.

Material: Hub bearings are typically made of high-quality materials such as steel or aluminum alloy to provide strength and durability. The specific material composition may vary depending on the manufacturer and application.

Seal Type: Hub bearings may have different types of seals to protect the internal components from contaminants. Common seal types include rubber seals, metal shields, or integrated seal designs. The seal type affects the level of protection against dirt, water, and debris.

Lubrication: Hub bearings require proper lubrication to minimize friction and wear. Some hub bearings come pre-lubricated, while others may require additional greasing during installation. The type of lubrication and recommended maintenance intervals should be followed as per the manufacturer's guidelines.



Passenger Cars:

  • Hub bearings are widely used in variously sized passenger cars, such as sedans, hatchbacks, coupes, and convertibles. They are installed in both front and rear wheels in order to enable a smooth rotation and bear the car's weight. Numerous car models from Ford, Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and many other manufacturers feature hub bearings.

SUVs and Crossovers:

  • Hub bearings are a key component in SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) and crossovers. These vehicles generally have larger bodies and higher ground clearance, making reliable hub bearings essential for stabilizing the weight and deliver smooth wheel rotation. Models like Jeep, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Hyundai often feature hub bearings.


  • Likewise, hub bearings are used in trucks, including light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty trucks. Since trucks typically carry heavier loads and operate in tough conditions, robust hub bearings are needed to bear the weight and deliver reliable wheel rotation. Ford, Chevrolet, Ram, GMC, Toyota, and Nissan trucks commonly employ hub bearings in their wheels.


  • Hub bearings can also be found in vans used for personal or commercial purposes. Vans like the Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Dodge Grand Caravan, and Honda Odyssey use hub bearings to support the vehicle's weight and guarantee a smooth wheel rotation.


  • Some motorcycles, particularly those with spoked wheels or cast wheels, integrate hub bearings as well. Hub bearings afford effortless wheel rotation, ensuring stability and control during riding. Motorcycles from Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and other makers may have hub bearings.

It is worth mentioning that hub bearings may have particular applications within each vehicle category, such as front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive configurations. Therefore, it's important to check the make, model, and year of the vehicle when selecting a hub bearing and adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines or seek counsel from automotive experts to ensure a proper fitment and compatibility.


Korean Series Cars Auto Parts Hyundai Kia Wheel Bearing & Hub 51750-FD000 Wheel Hubs 0

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A1: We could accept T/T and L/C at sight .
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A2: We produce 100000pcs spark plugs per day.
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A3: Delivery time is 20days after you confirmed order.
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A4: Yes ,we can.and we will make new mould according to your samples.

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