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DONGFENG TianLong Series Lateral Air Spring Shock Absorber 5001160-C6100 5001060-C4300

China GuangZhou DongJie C&Z Auto Parts Co., Ltd. certification
China GuangZhou DongJie C&Z Auto Parts Co., Ltd. certification
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DONGFENG TianLong Series Lateral Air Spring Shock Absorber 5001160-C6100 5001060-C4300

DONGFENG TianLong Series Lateral Air Spring Shock Absorber 5001160-C6100 5001060-C4300
DONGFENG TianLong Series Lateral Air Spring Shock Absorber 5001160-C6100 5001060-C4300 DONGFENG TianLong Series Lateral Air Spring Shock Absorber 5001160-C6100 5001060-C4300 DONGFENG TianLong Series Lateral Air Spring Shock Absorber 5001160-C6100 5001060-C4300 DONGFENG TianLong Series Lateral Air Spring Shock Absorber 5001160-C6100 5001060-C4300 DONGFENG TianLong Series Lateral Air Spring Shock Absorber 5001160-C6100 5001060-C4300

Large Image :  DONGFENG TianLong Series Lateral Air Spring Shock Absorber 5001160-C6100 5001060-C4300

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: C&Z
Certification: ISO9000, CCC,TS16949, EPA, EEC, RoHS, CE
Model Number: 5001160-C6100
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 20pcs
Price: According to specific order
Packaging Details: Color Box+export Carton+pallet
Delivery Time: 15-30Days
Payment Terms: TT/WU/MG
Supply Ability: 300000sets/month

DONGFENG TianLong Series Lateral Air Spring Shock Absorber 5001160-C6100 5001060-C4300

Product Name: Air Spring Shock Absorber Model NO: 5001160-C6100
Application: DONGFENG TianLong From: China
Maximum Speed: 90km/H Production Capacity: 500000 Pieces/Months
Axle: Heavy Duty Truck Axle Color: Black

Product Description:

Dongfeng truck shock absorbers are designed to provide an effective damping performance and enhanced control of the vehicle. They help absorb and control the energy generated from road irregularities, such as bumps and potholes, and reduce or minimize vibrations and impacts transmitted to the vehicle's chassis and occupants.


The shock absorbers also aid in keeping proper tire contact with the road, which ensures optimal grip and handling when you brake, accelerate or corner. Additionally, it contributes to improved passenger comfort since it helps provide a smooth and stable ride, minimizing jolts and vibrations.


These shock absorbers are constructed with high-quality materials to ensure their durability and resistance to wear and corrosion. Moreover, every model is designed to fit the specifications of the specific Dongfeng truck for a proper fitment. Lastly, it increases safety by ensuring better brake performance, reduced stopping distances, and improved stability on the road.



Dongfeng truck shock absorbers utilize advanced damping technology to effectively absorb and dissipate the energy generated from road impacts and vibrations, providing a smooth and controlled ride while minimizing shocks to the vehicle's chassis.

Some Dongfeng truck shock absorbers offer adjustable damping settings, which enable drivers to fine-tune the suspension performance based on driving preferences or specific road conditions. This can enhance comfort, stability, and handling characteristics.

The shock absorbers are typically made from durable materials, such as robust steel or aluminum alloy. This ensures strength, durability, and resistance to wear. The piston design has been optimized to provide precise control of oil flow for top-notch damping performance, while the sealing mechanisms help to prevent oil leaks.

Furthermore, the shock absorbers are designed for vehicle-specific fitment to ensure they perform optimally and safely. Some models may also include additional safety features, such as anti-roll technology or integrated sensors, for further protection.


Technical Parameters:

Damping Force: The damping force, measured in Newtons or pounds-force, indicates the resistance the shock absorber provides against the movement of the suspension. It determines how effectively the shock absorber controls the motion of the vehicle.

Compression and Rebound Travel: Compression travel refers to the distance the shock absorber can compress when subjected to force, while rebound travel refers to the distance the shock absorber extends when the force is released. These measurements are typically given in millimeters or inches.

Piston Diameter: The piston diameter represents the size of the piston inside the shock absorber. It influences the amount of fluid displaced and the overall damping capacity. The measurement is usually given in millimeters or inches.

Mounting Type: Shock absorbers can have different mounting types, such as eyelet mounts, stud mounts, or other specialized mounting configurations. The mounting type determines how the shock absorber attaches to the vehicle's suspension system.

Extended and Compressed Length: The extended length refers to the overall length of the shock absorber when it is fully extended, while the compressed length is the length when it is fully compressed. These measurements are typically given in millimeters or inches.

Gas-Charged or Hydraulic: Shock absorbers can be either gas-charged or hydraulic. Gas-charged shock absorbers contain a small amount of pressurized gas to improve their performance and reduce the chances of oil foaming. Hydraulic shock absorbers rely solely on hydraulic fluid for damping.

Operating Temperature Range: The operating temperature range specifies the temperature limits within which the shock absorber can effectively function. It is important to consider this parameter, especially for applications where extreme temperature variations are expected.

Load Capacity: The load capacity refers to the maximum weight or load that the shock absorber can handle without compromising its performance or risking damage. It is typically measured in kilograms or pounds.



Dongfeng truck shock absorbers provide a smooth and comfortable ride for both the driver and passengers. By absorbing the impact and vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces, bumps, and potholes, these absorbers minimize the jolts and vibrations felt inside the cabin.

Moreover, they also contribute to the improved handling and stability of the vehicle. Shock absorbers help maintain tire contact with the road, ensuring optimal grip and control during cornering, braking, and acceleration.

For commercial applications such as transporting heavy loads, shock absorbers are essential to maintain stability and control. They ensure safe and efficient load handling while providing reliable performance.

Off-road or rugged terrain applications also benefit from the use of shock absorbers. They provide effective damping and control over the vehicle's movements, minimizing the impact of rough terrains on the chassis and occupants.

Finally, Dongfeng truck shock absorbers are designed to be durable and reliable. Engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of commercial truck operations, they are capable of providing long-lasting performance.

DONGFENG TianLong Series Lateral Air Spring Shock Absorber 5001160-C6100 5001060-C4300 0

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DZ1640430030 2921FB-010-A 2905010-13U M5Q-5001030A
DZ1640440015 2921CB-010-A S3206010-383 M5Q-5001250
1B.41722.6036   2905010-371 MQ401-2905010
DZ95259680013 2905-010-J1 5001290B242(B) M5Q-5001030C
DZ199112680014 DZ95259680121 2921FC-010-A 5001290B242(A) 4H7CZ46A38X3B-2921030A
DZ13241430100 2905010-369   5001290-D170F
DZ13241440100 5001085-C0302 5001020-B109 33X0A-2905010A
DZ13241430150 5001085-C0302 5001020-B242 38X3B-2921030A
DZ13241440150 5001160-C4300   H73-5001030A
DZ199100680001 2921010-T3840 5001020-A01 H73-5001030D
DZ13241440080 5001155-C4300 5001020-A01 H63-5001030A
DZ15221443420 5001085-C1102 5001320-A09-C02 H63-5001030B
DZ15221443020 5001085-C1800 5001320-A01-C00  
DZ96319680103 5001150-C1800 2905010-71A H73-5001450C
DZ95259680640 5001150-C1100 2905010-48A H73-5001550A
DZ95259680103 5001086-C3300 5001025-18T-C00 M7Q-5001450
81.43701.6721 5001160-C6100 5001320-18T-C00 M7Q-5001550
81.41722.6051 5001150-C6100 2905010-1086/D H73-5001570
81.41722.6052 50Z66-02125 5001025-1063-C01 H73-5001470
DZ14251430020   5001315-1063-C01 M5Q-5001550B
DZ14251440020   5001025A1063-C00  
DZ15221440300   5001315A1063-C00 产品图号
DZ15221440400   5001020-B85-C01  
DZ14251440060   5001320BA09-C00  
DZ15221440800   5001320CA01-C00 8683173010
DZ14251430025   5001025B91W-C00 2905010G1710
DZ14251440025   5001315B91W-C00 8684473011
DZ1600440002 5001150-C0302 5001025-E18 64008-Y4210
DZ13241430150 5001175-C4320 5001315-E18 64106-Y40D0
DZ13241440150 5001080-C6101 5001220-D850 5002090-Y8010
1430500120 5001180-C6100 5001025A2000-C00 5004190-Y8010
503441141300   5001315A2000-C00  
DZ15221430580 产品图号 5001315-1063A-C00 产品图号
DZ15221440480 501BAA04000 5001315-1063B-C00 1B224950200131A6894A
DZ15221440580 501BAA02000 5001315-1301A-C00 1B224950200132A6894A
  501BAA01000 5001315-1301B-C00 H4502040100A0
  501JBA11000 5001315-1509A-C00 H4503050100A0
产品图号 501JBA22000 5001315-1059B-C00 *1417029200015*
50A-05014 501QBC10000 5001029-660B H4502B01016A0
50A-05034   5001002-D850 YH112292920006
29AD-05010 产品图号 2905010-D650 1122929200005
29ADP5-05010 5188910405 50012250824A YH1437029200015
50H08-01028 0043289800-6048 292GAA08000 H4502A01030A0
50H08-01055 6208900219-6048 2905010-382 H4502B0105A0
50H08-01028 5188910105 2905010-D160/C H0502A01210A0
50H08-01055 5188910305   1B24950201011
50A05034-BQ 5183170212   H4502040202A0
50A-05034-BQ 008912205-6048 产品图号  
  23263000-6048 5001-510525A 产品图号
产品图号 5208900019 5004-500125A  
MK996355 Z01110115 5001-850025A  
MK996374 5183170512 5004-400025C  
MC382389 7101*5238900005*170501 2905-127060  

Production :

DONGFENG TianLong Series Lateral Air Spring Shock Absorber 5001160-C6100 5001060-C4300 1

Our Advantage :

DONGFENG TianLong Series Lateral Air Spring Shock Absorber 5001160-C6100 5001060-C4300 2


Q: Is DONGEJIE C&Z a trading company or a manufacturer?
A: DONGEJIE C&Z is a hybrid operation - we are both a direct manufacturer, with a well-structured workshop equipped with advanced machinery and a team of experienced engineers and dedicated employees, as well as a trading company.

Q: What resources and certifications does DONGEJIE C&Z have?
A: DONGEJIE C&Z boasts an in-house, full-scale machine shop equipped with 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machines, a Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for precise inspections, and in-house material testing capabilities. Further, we hold ISO 9001:2015 certification in both China and Canada, ensuring quality management and consistent product delivery.

Q: What is the typical delivery timeframe for your products?
A: Our delivery timelines are product and quantity-dependent. As a general guide, for machining parts, it usually takes between 15 to 20 days.

Q: Can DONGEJIE C&Z provide samples? Is there a charge for this?
A: Yes, we do provide samples. The fee for the sample is based on the product's geometric complexity and will be credited towards your bulk order.

Q: How long does it take to receive a sample?
A: This depends on the part's geometric complexity. For machining parts, it's typically within ten days. For die casting, considering the tooling process, it takes about 30-40 days.

Q: What is your standard delivery lead time?
A: For machining parts, sample delivery takes around 10 days. Mass production orders vary between 10-45 days, contingent on the quantity and complexity of the parts.

Q: What DONGEJIE C&Z's payment terms?
A: For payments less than or equal to 1000USD, we require 100% upfront. For payments greater than or equal to 1000USD, we require a 30% down payment, with the balance due before shipment.

Q: What information is required for a quotation?
A: To provide an accurate quotation, we need the product's 2D drawings (PDF or DWG format) and 3D drawings (STEP, IGS, or X_T format). Please also include any specific requirements, such as surface treatment, quantity, etc.

Q: Can you describe DONGEJIE C&Z's standard Purchase Order procurement process?
A: Our process flow is comprehensive: Prototyping --> First Article Approval --> Quality Control Plan --> Manufacturing Process Instruction --> Batch Production --> Inspection --> Shipping.

Q: What if we don't have the product drawings?
A: You can send your sample to us. We can replicate it or provide improved solutions. If you can provide pictures or drafts with dimensions (Length, Height, Width), we can generate a CAD or 3D file for you upon order placement.



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